The Process of Carpet Cleaning

Did you know a carpet can hold upwards of 200,000 bacteria per square inch? When it comes to the health and cleanliness of your home, you should make carpet cleaning a priority.

Routinely cleaning your carpets improves the indoor air quality of your home and makes it safer. Keep reading to learn more about how to professionally clean your carpet.  

Vacuum Away Debris

The first step in commercial carpet cleaning is to conduct a visual inspection. Once this is done, carpet cleaning experts can identify potential carpet stains and areas filled with dirt and debris. 

Your carpeting is then vacuumed with an industrial vacuum to remove dry soil and debris. Vacuuming your carpet is an important part of the long term maintenance of your carpeting. 

If you fail to vacuum your carpeting, dirt will pile up and break down carpet fibers. This will create a breeding ground for dust mites and other unwanted bacteria. When you prioritize cleaning your carpet, you can kill bacteria and extend the lifetime of your carpeting. 

Spray Cleaning Agents

Once the carpet is vacuumed, you will spray a cleaning agent to breakdown stubborn bacteria and get deeper into the fibers of the carpet. These cleaning agents will also help with spot treatment to increase your odds of stain removal. 

Carpet and area rug cleaning can help prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Although vacuuming can remove dry debris, it is necessary to apply more aggressive cleaning agents to your carpeting. 

Extract Lingering Soil 

Carpeting improves a home’s air quality by trapping airborne particles in its fibers. However, once these fibers become filled with impurities, they can adversely affect the health of a home. 

Over time, even a regular vacuum will become filled with impurities. Professional carpet cleaners use a strategy called grooming to help them extract lingering soil. Regular carpet grooming requires you brush your carpeting on a regular basis so your carpet fibers do not get matted.

Matted carpeting can compact unwanted dirt and debris in the carpeting. Once the carpet has been groomed, a powerful extraction cleaning system will be applied. This extraction system will strip the carpet of stubborn pockets of soil. 

Neutralized pH Levels

Using professional cleaning agents requires neutralization efforts. At LaGuna Floor Care, we take the necessary steps to ensure there is no sticky residue. After applying neutralizing products, you can enjoy a nice and fresh carpet.

According to Cleaning & Maintenance Management, carpets of residential homes should be cleaned with a solution between an 8 and 10 pH level. The deep cleaning process will be complete once your pH levels are neutralized and the carpet is fully dried. 

Prioritize Carpet Cleaning 

There are many benefits of carpet cleaning such as improve indoor air quality and a cleaner environment. You should prioritize carpet cleaning for health, aesthetic, and financial reasons. 

We are dedicated to helping you maintain a clean breathing space. Contact our team at Laguna Floor Care to improve the air quality of your home and ensure that your carpet, area rug, and upholstery cleaning is done properly. 

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