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At Laguna Floor Care, we care about the indoor air quality of your home. Your carpets and upholstery are great air filters. Airborne contaminants like dust or dander are caught in the fibers of your carpets and upholstery, effectively removing them from your breathing space. Having your carpets and upholstery cleaned on a regular schedule can significantly improve the air quality of your home.

Superior Carpet Cleaning Services

Superior Carpet
Cleaning Services

Over the years, carpets get tramped, stained, and degraded. When you call Laguna Floor Care, you can turn back the hands of time. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Guaranteed Tile And Grout Clean And Seal

Guaranteed Tile and
Grout Cleaning

Tile floors need an annual cleaning for them to look and perform at their best. Select the services of Laguna Floor Care if you need your tile floors to sparkle.

Radiant Upholstery Cleaning

Radiant Upholstery

Upholstery picks up oils and dirt as the years pass on. Refresh and rejuvenate your upholstery today!

Carpet Cleaning

Discover The Benefits Of Laguna Floor Care

With over 20 years in the cleaning industry, we have consistently strived to provide our clients with a quality-driven approach to cleaning. We do this by consistently updating our knowledge on chemistry, equipment, and methods. We utilize only the best cleaning solutions and equipment available in the industry. At Laguna Floor Care, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to cleaning. Our process is tailored to the needs of your carpets and upholstery. Carpet and upholstery consist of a wide range of different fiber types. Whether it’s synthetic or natural, our technicians are trained to safely and effectively clean any fiber type.

Providing Residential and Commercial Floor Care Services

Are you interested in improving the health and quality of your home life? If so, an affordable carpet cleaning could be exactly the right move. Please review all of our floor cleaning services and feel free to give us a call at (443) 653-8270.

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Katherine Ensman Reeves
Katherine Ensman Reeves
Nolan is so responsive and on-time! His carpet stain knowledge is unsurpassed! Unfortunately with our pet passing, there were very stubborn stains remaining. We had them cleaned twice with no success by another firm. To no fault of theirs, they offered the name of a carpet chemist upon my request. Nolan arrives and knew what to do. We knew there was a possibility of a shadow that can re-appear. He warrants his work for 30 days. And that he did! Our carpet is brand spanking new again! Thank you Nolan for your expertise!Then, we remembered our boat berth cushions we took off the boat. Hey Nolan, do you have time to clean these up? Yes Ma am! Reasonably priced and ready for the next season!Nolan is experienced, a chemist, professional, and a resource for us going forward! I asked for business cards to share with my friends! A must go-to!
Amy Brown
Amy Brown
JoAnn Scotton
JoAnn Scotton
Very satisfying. Stains appear to be gone, and quality of work outstanding.
Lyn Hollingsworth
Lyn Hollingsworth
jane mcconnell
jane mcconnell
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Nolan does it all himself and does a great job. He’s responsive to calls, schedules appointments in reasonable amounts of time and thoroughly explains his process before he starts. In my case, my bill was actually less than he quoted me. When’s the last time you had someone charge you less than you were prepared to pay? Can’t recommend more highly.
Susan Kitching
Susan Kitching
Great job at a good price. I was very satisfied with the results. Definitely will recommend. Very respectful and professional
Cecily Sharp-Whitehill (Cecily)
Cecily Sharp-Whitehill (Cecily)
Nolan Laguna was prompt on the occasion of doing the estimate for us as well as for doing the cleaning. His work is thorough. It was a joy to walk back in here (we felt we wanted to stay completely out of his way, so made an expedition to the beautiful Blackwater Wildlife Refuge outside Cambridge, MD, with a picnic). We suspected but hadn’t fully realized how badly our wall-to-wall carpeting needed attention! We’re now on a twice-a-year contract with Laguna, to our mutual satisfaction.
Aileen Plough
Aileen Plough
Nolan was responsive, professional and did an incredible job- absolutely recommend this company- and will use them again!

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